The EADT Archive

I write a weekly article in the East Anglian Daily Times. I publish them as I write them. Eventually I hope to get to grips with the backlog – I've been contributing a column since 1988. I wrote a VBA script to transfer the word documents to HTML and have refined it over time. It runs from a MS Word template and is quite usable – if you're interested, drop me a line.

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I'm always on the look out for information about Suffolk players, table tales and interesting or amusing hands. You can always email me at .

One Club and Transfer Responses

After many years of playing a pseudo-relay after 1 which featured a 5-card major response, several of us experimented with transfer responses joining the then vogue (2008). These were 'complete with fit' and effectively addressed the same considerations as the earlier 5-card major response. However their adoption is more complicated than we initially thought.

The Suffolk Swede

This is a system – two-way club, five-card majors, lots of relays – I worked on for many years though much of the later development was done in collaboration with Edward Lockhart. The parts on display here are consistent but 'frozen in time' (as at August 2001) and were some way from the latest we played.

Excel Spreadsheets

I've developed several bridge related spreadsheets and macros over the years, so I created a folder for them.


I am the current results secretary for the London Business Houses Contract Bridge Association and maintain their website which principally is a results service to members.